About Fox Management Inc

Fox Management Inc. helps property owners remain competitive in the burgeoning Oregon real estate market with the help of its Founder, Tressa Rossi, who leads the company in its membership with the National Association of Residential Property Mangers and Rental Housing Association of Greater Portland. Membership in these organizations keeps Fox Management Inc. staff updated on the latest real estate and property developments, providing them with important industry information that is passed on to Fox Management clients. Fox Management Inc. remains well versed in the latest industry developments, new property laws, and cutting-edge techniques for managing real estate investments. These efforts allow Fox Management Inc. clients to focus on other property concerns, while Fox Management applies its expertise in complicated housing issues To facilitate property transitions between tenants and maintain stable property futures, Fox Management Inc. initiates a detailed tenant moving process that ensures fluid shifts between property renters. Fox Management Inc. advises landlords to conduct property inspections before moving day in order to prepare themselves for future work. This technique helps owners schedule the proper maintenance crews ahead of time, reducing damaging downtime that stagnates between renters. Fox Management Inc. also recommends detailed property photography and documentation and at least a 30 day wait before returning refunds and deposits. This process ensures that property owners have enough time to fully asses potential refunds with accurate damage tracking. Before creating Fox Management Inc., Tressa Rossi studied Real Estate at Portland Community College, where she received an Associate of Applied Science Real Estate degree in 1990.


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