Finding and Keeping the Ideal Tenant

Based in Portland, Oregon, Fox Management Inc. provides property management services to a large number of owners of single-residence homes, apartments, and condominiums. Managing a property is much more than simply arranging a rental contract and ensuring that deposits, security fees, and monthly rents are collected. The property management process begins with finding the appropriate tenants to inhabit a unit. The screening process involves credit and criminal checks, as well as employment and income verification. The showing of a property presents a particularly opportune moment for interviewing and observation. Take stock of the attitude and demeanor of the prospective tenant, and the stories they have to tell: unspoken cues paint a much fuller picture than words alone. A thorough checking of landlord references is another must. Verify landlord ownership through public records, making sure that official information matches that supplied in the rental application. Reported income can be verified through a simple phone call to a listed employer, and the self-employed can provide a pay stub. A key to finding the right tenant is patience: better to wait a few weeks and find the perfect candidate than your lower standards and live with a tenant who is far from ideal. Charging an application fee is an effective way of narrowing the applicant pool to individuals who are serious about a specific property. Fox Management Inc. requires a nonrefundable $45 fee for every application it processes. This covers our expenses, and assures owners that prospective tenants are not canvassing a large number of units. When we contact an applicant with approval status, they are usually ready and willing to take the rental unit.

Moving in is a critical moment in the tenant-owner relationship. It presents the ideal time to reinforce rental agreement terms on a line-by-line basis. The move-in process should always be completed at the rental location and be accompanied by a written document with photos, describing the unit’s move-in condition. A number of other specific tips apply to maintaining ideal tenant-owner relationships throughout a tenancy. Owners not prepared to shoulder all of these responsibilities on their own may want to obtain the services of a qualified property management firm such as Fox Management Inc.


The Benefits of Using Fox Management Inc.

For Portland, Oregon, area residents, there are distinct benefits to living in Fox Management Inc. managed properties, including reliability and responsiveness to maintenance concerns. The full screening criteria for our managed properties is posted at the Fox Management Inc. website, and we recommend careful review of all criteria to ensure a successful application. Our $45 application fee is non-refundable, even in cases where the application is denied or the prospective tenant decides not to rent from us.

Fox Management Inc. applicants should be aware that basic requirements include verified monthly household income of at least three times the stated monthly rent, or a qualified roommate or cosigner. Cosigners must have a very good established credit history, with home ownership preferred. Employment requirements extend to one year of steady work, or self-employment status verified through state records. Excellent credit is also required, with no bad debts in excess of $100 reported from credit agencies. In cases where income, employment, or credit requirements cannot be met, a security deposit equal to 1.5 times the monthly rent may be accepted. Additional criminal conviction criteria apply to all applicants, regardless of income levels and employment status.

Fox Management Inc. is scrupulous in contacting landlords and employers, verifying that prospective tenants meet approval. We request that applicants wait two business days for this information to be verified. At the time of approval, Fox Management Inc. requires the refundable security deposit and other deposit money payments within 24 hours. It is our policy to never hold units for more than two weeks. In cases of application denial, individuals have recourse to appeal through Fox Management Inc.’s Equal Housing Opportunity Manager. We will undertake thorough review of every appealed application, notifying petitioners of the outcome within seven business days.

Fox Management Inc.’s
occupancy policy is on a per-bedroom basis, with two persons allowed per bedroom, and certain exceptions made for children under the age of two. Our firm is committed to meeting disabled accessibility requirements, and allows modification of existing premises at the full expense of the qualified tenant with disabilities. If the applied-for property accepts pets, an additional deposit of $250 is standard, as well as a $10-15 monthly pet rental fee. Fox Management Inc. offers prospective tenants access to a full listing of available units at

The Importance of Community Involvement

Community involvement is crucial to reducing street crime and gang activity. Police departments acknowledge the importance of partnering with the communities they police in order to create safer and healthier environments. Property owners, parents, and individuals living in communities affected by gang violence are motivated to enhance the safety of their neighborhoods. Many communities have developed highly effective programs to address the problem of teen violence and gangs. The most successful ones originate from locals who really know and understand their kids and the particular issues they face. These community groups utilize various means to reach troubled youth who are at risk for gang membership. Involving local adults, professionals, businesses, schools, churches, and the police, these groups are reducing youth violence. Mentoring an at-risk young person is a critical way to get involved in helping your community address gang activity. There are many groups that match mentors with youth, basing the match on interests, goals, and scheduling factors. Offering to teach skills to youth in after-school programs or coaching sports and other activities is another way to reach out to at-risk youth. Many young people lack the space and resources needed to channel their youthful energy in healthy, stress-reducing, and fun ways. When offered alternative ways of teaming up with their peers, young people have less of a need to look for support or group empowerment from membership in a gang. Neighborhood watch organizations create a sense of community and are effective crime-reducers. Block parties, barbecues, and potlucks bring people together, allowing them to get to know, trust, and provide neighborly support to one another. Inviting adults who were former gang members to speak to youth is another way of reaching out effectively to at-risk kids. These individuals usually have powerful insights that are invaluable to young people and can speak with authority about the perils of gang membership. Business owners and other professionals can offer internship possibilities to local youth, providing young people with needed, empowering skills and training. In return, the adults benefit greatly from the youthful vitality and creativity of their interns. Research shows that job training is a powerful tool to reduce gang violence. The key to success in all these efforts is working with others, partnering with police, churches, schools, and neighbors to make your community a safer, happier, and more prosperous place to live.

Portland Orchid Award Honors Women Leaders in Business

Tressa Rossi, licensed Real Estate Broker and President of Fox Management Inc., was recently nominated for an Orchid Award. Ms. Rossi received the nod in recognition of her outstanding contributions to the Portland business and real estate scene. Every year Portland honors 25 notable women business leaders with the Orchid Award. Presented to women in a cross-section of the community, the prestigious award recognizes their professional accomplishments as well as the exceptional contributions to the community they have made. Women nominated for the award are noted for such qualities as leadership, resilience to adversity, and professional as well as personal dynamism and verve. The Orchid Award is shared by women who have made lasting marks on the business environment and community of Portland, Oregon. Given the wealth of women participating in the diverse, lively and thriving atmosphere of this area, the award is truly an honor and only given to the best of the best. The nominees for each year are divided into the following categories: Woman Entrepreneur of the Year; Woman Executive of the Year for Small and Medium Business (less than $25 million in annual revenue); Woman Executive of the Year for Large Business; and Woman Executive of the Year for Nonprofits. The winners are announced at the awards ceremony, which is always a fun, extravagant affair, offering a great networking opportunity for all who attend as well as the chance to celebrate the achievements of superlative businesswomen.

Fox Management Services

Fox Management, Inc. provides a full range of property management services for both tenants and property owners. Working primarily with residential properties, the company’s experienced staff has managed single-family homes, complexes, and apartment buildings. The company’s staff recognizes that each rental is unique and that each property owner has specific needs and expectations regarding the property. The Fox Management team works diligently to identify and meet these needs and expectations, custom tailoring its services for each property owner. Among the services that the team provides are monthly accounting and reporting, maintenance performed by qualified professionals, routine inspections, and tenant screenings, including employment, credit, and criminal background checks. Fox Management is also dedicated to maintaining positive tenant relations in order to optimize its tenant retention, and makes itself available to tenants around the clock in the case of emergencies. Tenant retention is also encouraged through prompt responses to maintenance requests and any concerns raised by the tenant, as well as a demonstrated commitment to safety and security. When a property is vacant, it is promptly prepared for occupancy, minimizing any income losses. Anyone interested in the properties offered by Fox Management can view all the current listings at Current tenants can also immediately file maintenance requests online, as well as pay their rent, which is then directly deposited into the property owner’s account. The Fox Management team is always available for a free rent analysis and management consultation with anyone interested in renting a property, without worrying about its management. In addition to residential properties, Fox Management also represents commercial properties. Further details about all of Fox Management’s services, including contact information and tenant applications, are available online.

The National Association of Residential Property Managers

The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) was born out of a network of single-family home fee managers, who gathered in the late 1980s to share information, tips, and support. Residential property managers had largely been isolated from each other and were often carrying out their roles without education or training. The need for a central organization became immediately apparent, especially as the advent of computer records made it possible for one person to manage several properties at a time, making it a viable career. Ralph Tutor, an employee of Real Estate Software, Inc., began conducting property manager seminars around the country, bringing these professionals together for the first time. In 1987, an organizational meeting in Dallas, Texas, forged a nonprofit trade organization for residential property managers, electing Tutor as its first president. A year later, the organization started to take hold, creating a newsletter that is still printed today, the Residential Resource, and organizing a national convention that was held in late 1989. The NARPM continues to hold an annual convention for industry professionals. By the early 1990s, NARPM addressed the need for central education by instituting four one-day courses. The NARPM now offers an extensive range of training classes that address a number of issues that property managers encounter. The courses can be applied toward multiple professional designations for property managers. Beginning as only a handful of ambitious property managers, the national network of over 2,000 members is now managed through 68 chapters throughout the country. The NARPM continues to evolve as each chapter works toward furthering the growth of property management professionals. Currently, the organization is developing a national legislative committee and creating a stronger online professional network. Being a part of the NARPM is an incredible professional resource and it is exciting to take part in the group’s exponential growth.