The Benefits of Using Fox Management Inc.

For Portland, Oregon, area residents, there are distinct benefits to living in Fox Management Inc. managed properties, including reliability and responsiveness to maintenance concerns. The full screening criteria for our managed properties is posted at the Fox Management Inc. website, and we recommend careful review of all criteria to ensure a successful application. Our $45 application fee is non-refundable, even in cases where the application is denied or the prospective tenant decides not to rent from us.

Fox Management Inc. applicants should be aware that basic requirements include verified monthly household income of at least three times the stated monthly rent, or a qualified roommate or cosigner. Cosigners must have a very good established credit history, with home ownership preferred. Employment requirements extend to one year of steady work, or self-employment status verified through state records. Excellent credit is also required, with no bad debts in excess of $100 reported from credit agencies. In cases where income, employment, or credit requirements cannot be met, a security deposit equal to 1.5 times the monthly rent may be accepted. Additional criminal conviction criteria apply to all applicants, regardless of income levels and employment status.

Fox Management Inc. is scrupulous in contacting landlords and employers, verifying that prospective tenants meet approval. We request that applicants wait two business days for this information to be verified. At the time of approval, Fox Management Inc. requires the refundable security deposit and other deposit money payments within 24 hours. It is our policy to never hold units for more than two weeks. In cases of application denial, individuals have recourse to appeal through Fox Management Inc.’s Equal Housing Opportunity Manager. We will undertake thorough review of every appealed application, notifying petitioners of the outcome within seven business days.

Fox Management Inc.’s
occupancy policy is on a per-bedroom basis, with two persons allowed per bedroom, and certain exceptions made for children under the age of two. Our firm is committed to meeting disabled accessibility requirements, and allows modification of existing premises at the full expense of the qualified tenant with disabilities. If the applied-for property accepts pets, an additional deposit of $250 is standard, as well as a $10-15 monthly pet rental fee. Fox Management Inc. offers prospective tenants access to a full listing of available units at